Investment Management

You’ve accumulated significant assets and want to ensure that those assets are managed well.  Now more than ever, having the right investment strategy is critical to achieving your financial goals.  Sentinel can help.  We will help you develop a disciplined investment strategy focused squarely on diversification.  Our investment philosophy involves a long-term perspective and a disciplined approach.  We believe that steady progress with less volatility is superior to wild upswings and downturns – both for your long-term results and for your short-term peace of mind.

We believe that the most critical decisions regarding the management of a client’s portfolio are driven by the all-important financial plan.  And when we make a recommendation, we always keep all of your strategies in mind – like tax and retirement planning.  What’s more, we don’t accept commissions.  So you can be sure that our professionals will only make the kind of recommendations they believe to be in your best interests.